Butler Trust commendation for Lee

Lee DuttonThe 2018-19 Butler Trust Award Winners and Commendees have recently been announced, and we’re delighted to announce Lee Dutton, a Senior Children and Families Caseworker at partner St Giles Trust, has received a commendation for his work.

The Butler Trust Awards reflect some of the best – and often very moving – examples of the dedication, skill, and creativity found throughout the criminal justice system. Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Patron of the Butler Trust, will meet with all award winners and commendees at an Awards Ceremony later in the year.

Lee has been commended for his skilled and empathetic practice in helping often chaotic families, and as a role model esteemed by colleagues and clients alike.

Nominated by his line manager, Justine Jenkins, Lee had a challenging start in life and, from the age of 17, spent much of the next 20 years in prison. During his last sentence Lee was determined to tackle his problems and rebuild his life, and on release in 2014, he came into contact with St. Giles Trust and trained as a Peer Advisor in Cardiff. He then successfully applied for a role helping prison leavers resettle into the community offering the type of support he himself had lacked.

Now, in his role as a senior caseworker supporting disadvantaged families in Cardiff, Lee helps families experiencing chaotic circumstances stabilise their situations and progress towards independence and employment.

Justine said: “Lee is proof that positive change can happen. Younger people who are experiencing dark times look up to him as a highly credible role model and he is enormously valued by all for his knowledge, grit and determination. He never gives up and will go out of his way to support people others have given up on.”

Wales CRC Lead Partnership Manager, Melissa Lobb, said: “Lee is well known and well regarded by practitioners in the community, not just Offender Managers but many others across other organisations including police, mental health services, community hubs to name just a few. His reputation precedes him and his attitude, drive and willingness to support others have allowed him to change the lives of not just the service users themselves, but their families too.”

Speaking on receipt of his commendation, Lee said: “I am over the moon with winning the commendation. I see it as a great accomplishment in my own journey, and a statement to all those who work each day in our chosen field that people with the lived experience that I share with many others can really turn their lives around. Having the positive impact that I have each day is the driving force behind myself wanting to be successful. I love my job."