Accredited Programmes

Accredited programmes

Accredited programmesAs part of a sentence someone may be ordered to attend a group or individual programme which can help change their behaviour for the better.

Our programmes aim to help to:

  • improve people’s thinking skills
  • encourage people to get on with others better 
  • reduce anti-social attitudes 
  • reduce the likelihood of reoffending 
  • keep others safe.

We currently deliver two different programmes - Building Better Relationships (BBR) and the Thinking Skills Programme (TSP).

Our BBR programme helps to reduce the risk of reoffending and promote the safety of individual’s current and future partners and children.  It enables people to understand why they have used aggression in their intimate relationships and the attitudes and beliefs that underpinned that behaviour.  

It also helps people to:

  • learn more about the sorts of behaviour that damage relationships
  • get a better understanding of themselves
  • see how personal issues play a part in the aggression shown towards their partner
  • find and build on their strengths and use these to improve relationships 
  • develop their skills and learn new ones to overcome any difficulties faced.

Our TSP programme helps people not to reoffend and reduces the risk of harm presented by offenders.  It helps promote positive behaviour change such as problem solving and enables individuals to make positive steps to move away from reoffending.  People’s social interaction skills can be improved and their ability to develop positive relationships.

It also helps people to:

  • understand the reasons for their behaviour
  • identify and manage their emotions and make sure they can make more controlled decisions
  • develop new skills
  • set and achieve goals in order to stay out of trouble.