Equality and diversity

People are at the heart of the Wales Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) and equality is similarly embedded.

In order to ensure Wales CRC remains equality compliant a number of priorities have been identified and translated into an action plan. We believe the objectives are dynamic and will help us take forward the mainstreaming of equality and human rights, promote inclusiveness and deliver better services that meet the needs of service users and employees.

Our probation director has overall responsibility for equality and diversity and will continue to ensure that the organisation remains focused on delivering a service that is accessible by all and develops a workplace culture that values and embraces diversity.

Equality objectives:

We aim to:

  • publish relevant, proportionate information demonstrating due regard and compliance with the Equality Duty annually;
  • ensure that objectives are specific and measurable; and
  • publish objectives in such a manner that they are accessible to the public.

These are priorities identified by our people and service users that are embedded within our Business Plan to ensure equality is part of everyone’s everyday business. We value feedback on our objectives to assist in the development of further equality objectives from all interested parties including our people, stakeholders, voluntary groups and statutory organisations.

Equality reporting:

The Equality Duty 2011 applies to public bodies and others carrying out public functions and is intended to support good decision making by ensuring public bodies consider how different people will be affected by their activities, helping them to deliver policies and services which are efficient and effective, accessible to all and which meet the different needs of stakeholders.

The Equality Annual Report is a comprehensive document on our Equality and Diversity activities throughout the preceding year. 

Equality monitoring:

Equality monitoring is the process we use to gather and analyse the personal information of our people and service users. We use this information to ensure our services are provided in a way that encourages access for all our diverse communities with similar outcomes, as a result of accessing our service. 

Staff support 

We strive to be an employer of choice for everyone. In order to serve our diverse communities it is important that we employ a skilled and resilient workforce that represents and understands the needs of the local community. We support our people engaging with national associations including the Association of Black Probation Officers (APBO), National Association of Asian Probation Staff (NAAPS) and National Disabled Staff Network (NDSN).

Equalities forum

Our equalities forum is to be established and will provide executive leadership and direction in relation to equality and diversity. The forum will receive regular performance information and data to inform priorities and actions required to support continuous improvement. It will have a key role in shaping and monitoring the equality objectives.