Service directory

We are pleased to share with you the latest version of our service directory. The directory contains services that we’ve delivered for many years, but also some new, innovative services that have been developed. The aim of all these services is to reduce reoffending and enable the service users to develop their skills, resources and wellbeing.

We will work closely with our service users to make sure the solutions are right for them as they move towards maximising their potential. To help us to do this we’ve developed a personalised model of service delivery that allows a considerable amount of discretion to practitioners and service users in deciding what will work best for them, in line with the resources available.

This openness means that only those services which users and practitioners value will be used. Feedback from service users and the impact they have on people’s lives will be vital in our ongoing development of our services. However, we want this directory to have multiple uses catering for all audiences. With this in mind our ambition is to make our services available to everyone who would value them, not just those people who have been sentenced by a court. We see this as a first step towards making our ambition a reality.

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