Starting probation

What can I expect at my first appointment?

You will meet your offender manager who will explain the details of your sentence and give you a list of appointments. You will work together to create a sentence plan. You must be on time and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How often do I need to engage with my offender manager?

The number of appointments will vary depending on the requirements of your Licence / Community Order and your assessed level of risk or the level of needs that you may have. Your offender manager will talk to you about this and will regularly review the level of contact that you have.

What is a sentence plan?

You will work together with your offender manager to create a sentence plan. This is a plan of the work you will do with your offender manager. The overall aim of your sentence plan will be to reduce your risk of offending again and ensure that you and others remain safe in the community. To do this you will be encouraged to think about the things in your life that might lead you to reoffend and your offender manager will work with you to identify ways to help you stay out of trouble.

What might I be asked to do?

  • Community Payback
    This is unpaid work which could range from cleaning graffiti or litter picking to painting a community hall.
  • Programmes
    You may be asked to attend a course to tackle your offending behaviour.
  • Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RARs)
    If you have particular problems, such as gambling, alcohol misuse, and aggression or have been involved in vehicle crime, you may be asked to take part in a short, focused course to help you tackle your behaviour.

Can I claim my travel expenses?

If you are eligible, Wales Community Rehabilitation Company will provide you with a travel warrant before your journey or reimburse you later if you produce a ticket. However you will not receive travel expenses if:

  • You are earning a wage
  • You live within a two mile radius of the office you report to
  • You are attending for a court report
  • You are attending an unplanned appointment.

Is what I say kept confidential?

Yes, however there are limits to confidentiality. Information will only be shared with people or agencies linked to your sentence but if you give us information that is linked to a potential risk of harm to yourselves or others or about an offence which has been committed we have a duty to pass this on to the relevant agency.