Welsh language

Wales Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) has adopted the principle that in the conduct of public business and administration of justice in Wales, it will treat the Welsh language no less favourably than the English language.

Our Welsh language Scheme 2014-17 sets out how we will implement that principle when providing services to the public in Wales. One of the main objectives of the plan is to support the Wales CRC’s core business objectives - to help reduce reoffending and create safer communities for the people who live in Wales.

Effective communication skills are our main approach and therefore offering a language choice is a fundamental element of our success. As part of this strategy we are committed to ensuring that all our people can demonstrate linguistic courtesy in Welsh as a minimum.

Our vision for the Welsh language - making it happen

We are committed to bilingualism and mainstreaming Welsh language activities into the day to day life of the company and its business. Wales CRC is keen to see the Welsh language as an internal business language. It strongly believes that by using the Welsh language internally, firm foundations will be set for the provision of public services. Our people will be encouraged to write and speak Welsh in their day to day work, and support provided for Welsh speakers and learners to develop their skills.


This scheme has been produced in accordance with guidance from the Welsh Language Commissioner under the Welsh Language Act 1993 and received formal approval from the Welsh Language Commissioner on 8 December 2014 following an open consultation process.