Women's services

The Corston Report of 2007 laid down the foundations for a new approach to the way women are treated within the criminal justice system. Their pathways into crime are very different from those of men, and when a woman is imprisoned or serves a community sentence, often many others including children are affected since the woman may be a caregiver.

In addition women in prison have a far higher than average incidence of mental health issues, self-harm and have often experienced abusive relationships. If these circumstances are ignored, it is very difficult for women to find a path out of crime.

Women’s Pathfinder

Wales Community Rehabilitation Company is also part of the Women’s Pathfinder partnership programme, which has been specially designed to meet the needs of women. It brings together existing services such as domestic abuse support, drug abuse agencies and housing in a way that makes best use of the services and steers women away from further offending.

The Diversion Scheme is designed to divert women away from the criminal justice system at arrest stage by giving them support for needs.

North Wales Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy (VAWDASV) (2018-2023)

Wales CRC is partner agency committed to contributing to the overall objectives of the VAWDASV National Strategy. To view the strategy please follow the link below: